Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Little More on Palin

In my analysis of her selection it occurs to me I didn’t actually answer Tom’s query about my thoughts the impact of Bristol Palin’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy.  Indeed, on Monday and Tuesday I had thought that the news would diminish the enthusiasm of some social conservatives for the pick, but it appears that over the past couple of days the attacks from media on the issue have only caused conservatives of all stripes to rally around Palin further. 

As for the “merits” of the matter, even if her daughter’s pregnancy says anything about her fitness as a parent (which, in my view, is hardly clear) it says nothing about her fitness to be vice-president.

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Tom H said...

Actually, I think the out of wedlock pregnancy/shotgun marriage thing is not going to adversely effect the conservative base because it is so damn common in middle america. Off to read the other posts...