Monday, October 6, 2008

It’s On

So it’s now officially the first Monday in October, D.C. time.  And you know what that means

I’ll have a preview of the October argument docket up this evening. (Including the cases argued this morning, so I guess it’s won’t entirely be a preview. But what the hell.)  Also, I going to tie up some loose ends regarding last term’s developments this week, including making an update to the to my long-neglected Constitutional Cases of 2007-2008 feature. 

Between SCOTUS stuff, the second McCain v. Obama debate on Tuesday, and continuing analysis of the credit crisis and the bailout it’s going to be a busy week here.  Stay tuned.


Update (10/07):  Of course, you know that when I said “this evening” I meant “sometime tomorrow.”  It’s like how the Due Process Clauses mandate substantive protections.

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