Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No, Bobby Jindal Isn’t Thinking of Running for President in 2012. Really. No, Sir. Why Won’t This Baseless Speculation Just Go Away?

In case you didn’t know, the governor of Louisiana will be giving the Republican response to the not-quite State of the Union speech tonight, attacking President Obama’s various fiscal plans.  Of course, this comes on the heels on Gov. Jindal’s high-profile stand about perhaps declining some of the pork necessary infrastructure and welfare spending that Louisiana is now in line for after the recent passage of the Obama stimulus plan.

On an unrelated note, at www.bobbyjindal.com you can fork over your contact info to receive Bobby Jindal e-mail blasts, mailings, and text messages, and even order Bobby Jindal merchandise.  Strangely, these offerings don’t appear to be limited to residents of (and thus voters in) the State of Louisiana only. Probably just an oversight.

[end of heavy-handed sarcasm]

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