Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Alex said...

Brian, how precisely do you propose to issue a treatise length analysis of Citizens United on twitter?

Alternatively, is it possible to completely destroy twitter and all memory of it?

Brian said...

140 characters at a time, Alex. 140 characters at a time... Heh.

Less facetiously, I used to have much the same attitude toward Twitter. Indeed, I still think the service is vastly, vastly overhyped. However, upon thinking about it I decided that having a Twitter feed would complement my blog in some very specific, quite useful ways. There's a lot of stuff that I find on the net on a daily basis that I think the type of people who read my blog might be interested in as well, but that I don't have the time or the inclination to write a decent blog post about. Hence. the Twitter feed to bring attention to such things. I think the blog benefits because having the Twitter feed will let me focus my blog posting on stuff where I actually have something to say.

However, if you ever catch me posting about what I had for lunch on Twitter you have my complete permission to track me down and put me out of my insanity.