Friday, December 21, 2007

Make a Note of It

SCOTUS news on the big death penalty case (appropriately, via SCOTUSblog):

The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will promptly release the audiotape of the oral argument on Monday, Jan. 7, in Baze v. Rees (07-5439) — the Kentucky case testing the constitutionality of the three-drug protocol for execution by lethal injection. The case also involves the question of a constitutional standard for judging the validity of such a protocol.

The argument is scheduled for 10 a.m., the first case to be heard in the January sitting. “The audio recording will be released shortly after the conclusion of the argument,” according to the Court’s press release. That would mean somewhere soon after 11 a.m. The argument is scheduled for one hour, and, because a second case will be argued that morning, the Baze hearing should not run much beyond 11.

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed a link to this story is also available in the SCOTUSblog feed in the sidebar to the right.

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