Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Haven't Forgotten About Heller

The second part of my analysis of how the Court should decide Heller (aka the D.C. guns case) is almost ready for posting.  What I first started last week as a shorter follow up to Part One is clocking in at about 1,200 words right now.  It will be up tonight or tomorrow.

That brings me to my new poll question: what do you think of the longer (let's say, +500 words) pieces on this blog.  Consider this a chance to influence how I'll run this blog going forward, meaning whether I'll continue my current mix of content, go with fewer long pieces and more posts, or go with more long pieces and fewer total posts.

By the way, FYI in the poll recently closed 60 percent of respondents thought that the Court should strike down some of the gun regs at issue in Heller and uphold others (presumably the trigger lock requirements), while 40 percent thought that the Court should declare them all unconstitutional.

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