Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Video Is, Apparently, Not a Parody

The Corner today has some coverage of an uber-creepy set of web videos recently produced by Obama campaign.  The one that's getting the most attention is this celebrity-laden appeal, which  is even more remarkable for its lack of substance, inclusion of utopian language, and personality-cult feel than your typical Obama camp communication:



Found another video in the set that's even more creepy and very, very (unintentionally) funny.  (Watch in particular for the straight-armed salute just before the 2:00 mark.)


By the way, upon further review it seems that these weren't produced by the Obama campaign itself but by an independent group of supporters.


Hancock.Tom said...
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Hancock.Tom said...

Obama scares the crap out of me with stuff like this. Even if his camp didn't generate it, they tolerate it. It would be down in minutes if he didn't watch it and like what he sees.

Regardless of my dislike for Hillary, I respect her for not stooping to his level and employing the generalities and "obamaspeak" garbage we have been inundated with lately.

All his talk about HOPE without explaining how to actually do anything he proposes scares the shit out of me, mostly because I think he HOPES to tax the crap out of anyone working enough hours to save anything.

Brian said...

After I posted those videos I found one that actually is a parody; the visuals are the same but the song is changed to one that really gets to the essence of Obama's message.

"Who can take tomorrow,
dip it in a dream,
seperate the sorrow
and collect up all the cream?"