Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Embarrassing Day for Congressional Republicans and Democrats

The House of Representatives voted this evening to override President Bush's veto of the $307 billion 2008 farm bill.  Despite pleas from fiscal conservatives, 100 Republicans joined 216 Democrats in voting to override the veto and enact the payoff-laden boondoggle (interestingly, a few urban liberals sided with opponents of the bill).

However, it seems that the override vote may actually be for nought.  Why?  Because when the original bill passed the House a passage related to international agricultural aid and trade was accidentally omitted from the version that was sent to and vetoed by the president.  It looks like the Democrats will have to pass the bill and send it to Bush all over again.  Of course, unless a large number of congressmen and senators suddenly decide to put the interests of their country ahead of placating their own political supporters the end outcome won't be different, but I guess when it comes to Congress we should be grateful for whatever small favors we can get.

The office House roll call is here; it's valuable info for getting a better sense of how corrupt your representative has become.  For the gratification of fellow West Virginians in my readership, Capito (R), Mollohan (D), and Rahall (D) all voted in favor.  (Incidentally, that's the end of my respect for our state's lone non-judicial major Republican officeholder.)

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Alex said...

I wonder who caught the error. I doubt the president scanned all 600+ pages looking for the missing passage (which, had it been found, would have stayed the veto pen).

Anyway, as to the substance of the veto I concur with the president (and Brian). It's time to be fiscal conservatives again! Also, no more taxes, please.