Sunday, June 1, 2008

Evil Wal-Mart Strikes Again

Dastardly Wal-Mart is in the news again, this time for putting the squeeze on suppliers of food products to the mega-chain:

With gas, grain, and dairy prices exploding, you'd think the biggest seller of corn flakes and Cocoa Puffs would be getting hit by rising food costs. But Wal-Mart has temporarily rolled back prices on hundreds of food items by as much as 30% this year. How? By pressuring vendors to take costs out of the supply chain.

"When our grocery suppliers bring price increases, we don't just accept them," says Pamela Kohn, Wal-Mart's general merchandise manager for perishables. To be sure, Wal-Mart  isn't the only retailer working to cut fat from the food chain, but as the largest grocer - Wal-Mart's food and consumables revenue is nearly $100 billion - it has a disproportionate amount of leverage.

Just another example of this malicious corporation throwing around its heft to hurt those who have to deal with it.  And for what purpose?  To keep food prices low for its red state, gun owning, morbidly obese, white trash  "customers"?  I fully expect and demand that Democratic leaders denounce this move with all the force that they can muster, just like they have denounced Wal-Mart "price consciousness" in the past.  In the meantime, I look forward to paying six dollars for a gallon of milk at my locally-owned store. 

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