Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Congratulations, Illinois! Two in a Row!

The FBI arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff on a myriad of corruption allegations.  According to a 76-page affidavit the feds have wiretap transcripts of Blagojevich conspiring to sell the appointment to fill President-Elect Obama’s soon to be vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Blagojevich’s predecessor, Republican George Ryan, is currently serving a six year sentence in federal prison for participating in a huge bribery scheme.

(Yes, yes, those charged are innocent until proven guilty. But if the feds really do have the wiretap evidence they swear they have and it doesn’t get suppressed in court [and suppression would probably be very unlikely, as the feds had to get a warrant and meet certain other strictures to do the wiretap at all], that’s pretty much it for Blago and friends.)

Update:  The Smoking Gun has an excerpt of the FBI affidavit up. Makes for fun reading.

Update/Correction: Ok, maybe “fun” was the wrong word. “Astonishing” is more like what I meant.

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