Monday, November 17, 2008

The Election Is Over, But Palin-Induced Foolishness Continues

Katherine Lopez at NRO (who pre-election compared Palin to the statesmen of ancient Greece) now argues that Time should name Sarah Palin Woman of the Year.  An excerpt:

Like the “change” from the Obama campaign slogan embraced by so many, Palin offered something different. For some it was an anti-Washington feel. Many consider her a refreshing citizen-politician in the old mold, one that Thomas Jefferson would be proud to meet. Does that make her just like Obama? I do wonder what the campaign would have been like had they both been at the helm: He wouldn’t have had a monopoly on change, and she would have had her own staff and freedom to follow her instincts, and perhaps better advice than she was given as she ran for vice president.

The really astonishing thing is that Lopez seems right about the views of her allies: many in the social conservative wing of the GOP apparently really do believe the sentiments above.

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