Monday, November 10, 2008

To Do or Not To Do (a Podcast, That Is)

For a while, I’ve had the idea of doing a weekly podcast for this blog.  For any unfamiliar with the term, a “podcast” is simply a radio show that’s posted to the net instead of, well, broadcast over the radio.  The podcast wouldn’t be live, but would be playable directly from this blog or downloadable to your favorite mp3 player or computer.  The content would come from the categories of “law,” “politics,” and “miscellaneous nonsense,” (duh) but would supplement, not duplicate, the written content here.  I think I would endeavor to generally keep the podcasts very short in length, say very rarely longer than ten minutes,  both because I don’t think I’d have time to spend prepping for a much longer show and because I don’t think anyone would want to listen to it.  I would probably do it on Sunday and post it Sunday night.

So what say you, dear readers?  Would you be interested in a weekly LPMN podcast that was usually about six or seven minutes long?  If so, would you (contra my tentative intention for it to have a general focus) like it to focus on any specific content areas in the law or politics?  Should it be shorter? Longer?  Should I drop the notion altogether?  Leave your feedback in the comments.


Alex said...

I vote yes generally, Brian, because, selfishly, I'm sure it would be enjoyable.

I don't know about specifics but I don't see why you couldn't vary topics, lengths and frequency as the occasion warranted.

Anonymous said...

This is Tom H, too lazy to type in his blogger password.

I'd listen to it. Brian, what is your take on the use of litigation to fight prop 8 in california? Several prominent legal bloggers have weighed in on the issue, so I'm curious what your thoughts are.

Another interesting podcast topic might be the constitutionality of Obama's mandatory civil service plan.

Another interesting (but maybe too political and not legal enough) topic is Obama's possible choice of Charles Ogletree as Attorney General... Ogletree is/was a staunch supporter of african american reparations.

Brian said...

Alex: Thanks.

Tom: Those are all great suggestions. Don't know much about the latter two (indeed, hadn't heard the Ogletree speculation, though I think that would be a disastrous move politically for Obama). Regarding prop. 8 and litigation against it, from what I've gathered blocking it seems a long shot. I need to read more on the matter, but from what I have read the hopes of opponents rest on arguing that while constitutional amendments may be made by proposition, another type of more fundamental constitutional change must be initiated by legislature, and the gay marriage ban falls within that latter category. From the little that I've read, there's no real precedent for California courts to draw the amendment-other change distinction opponents want to make, let alone classifying prop. 8as something more than a fairly narrow amendment. But again, I need to really read up on it before forming a solid opinion.

Brian said...

By the way, I think I shall plan to try my first podcast this Sunday. Maybe. No firm promises just yet.