Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good to Know

Just checking the Post Office’s requirements and fees for various mail services and came across this:

12.2.4 Bees and Poultry

Unless sent at the First-Class Mail or Priority Mail prices, special handling is required for parcels containing honeybees or baby poultry. Under 601.9.3.7, only queen honeybees may be shipped by aircraft. Check with your local Post Office for mailability prior to mailing honeybees other than queen honeybees at First-Class Mail or Priority Mail prices.

So the next time you go to mail some honeybees, you’ll thank yourself for reading this blog.

But wait, does that mean that only queen honeybees and no other kinds of bees can be shipped by aircraft, or that queen honeybees can only be shipped by aircraft, not via regular transport?

I gots to know.  Off to read 601.9.3.7.


Update:  Looks like the former.


Alex said...

The real question is: why on earth are you shipping bees, Brian?

Brian said...


I could tell you, but then they would have to send you to Gitmo.

Of course, you'd get out when Obama shut it down, but still that's an unpleasant two months.