Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Credit Myself for Not Making an Obvious “Fox” Entendre

In my very successful time-wasting efforts this evening I ran across a couple of good cheesecake items for right-wingers stories about developments in financial and political news coverage.

First, Ben Stein has a nice item up on the anchor staff at the relatively new Fox Business news channel.  He makes the astute observation that the channel’s female personalities are not only smart and well-informed about the state of the economy and the markets but also not-unattractive.  Stein particularly appreciates the talents of 27 year-old ace host Jenna Lee.

Fox anchor Jenna Lee
















(Photo credit: Jason Bell for Best Life Magazine.)


In other news, Meghan McCain, political blogger and daughter of John McCain, is making the rounds with significant youth culture icons in support of her father’s candidacy.

Meghan McCain

(Photo credit:  Getty Images.)


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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