Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're Number 47! (Sigh)

Not sure when this was released, but I just noticed that CNBC's 2008 rankings of the top states for doing business has the Great State of West Virginia ranked at 47.  Not surprisingly, WV scored well in the "Cost of Living" (21) and the "Cost of Doing Business" (15) sub-categories, but was sunk by abysmal rankings in "Workforce" (48), "Economy" (46), "Technology & Innovation" (49), and, yes, "Business Friendliness" (50).  A complete breakdown of West Virginia's scores is here.  West Virginia was ranked 44 in the 2007 analysis.

To add insult to injury, Mississippi beat us out, coming in at 46.  Thank God for Rhode Island (48), Hawaii (49), and Alaska (50), however, which scored below WV largely due to high costs of living and doing business.  At the other end of the spectrum? Texas, Virginia, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado, in that order, made up the top five.


UpdateHere's an explanation of the categories and CNBC's methodology.  The rankings were released on July 9.

Update 2:  I really shouldn't need to add this, but I will anyway: take theses rankings, as all such rankings, with the requisite grain of salt.

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