Monday, July 14, 2008

Tony Snow, R.I.P.

So you’ve undoubtedly heard about the death of former White House Press Secretary and journalist Tony Snow over the weekend.  My favorite thing I’ve read regarding his passing is actually a commencement speech that he gave at The Catholic University of America last May, after the colon cancer that would eventually kill him had returned.  As commencement speeches go it’s decidedly non-crapulent, although it’s no surprise to learn that Snow was one of those few who could actually give a worthwhile graduation speech.  Here’s a nice sample:

Finally, love. How trite is that? But it’s everything. It separates happiness from misery. It separates the full life from the empty life. To love is to acknowledge that life is not about you. I want you to remember that: It’s not about you. It’s a hard lesson. A lot of people go through life and never learn it. It’s to submit willingly, heart and soul, to things that matter. . . . 

Love springs from small deeds, the gestures that say casually and naturally “I care.” That acknowledge what’s special about somebody else. If somebody’s smarter, quicker, better, prettier, wiser than you, tell them. Learn from them. Don’t be jealous. Glory in it.

A reminder that all of us need from time to time.

(Hat tip: Katherine Lopez at The Corner.)

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