Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Florida GOP Debate Roundup

Romney, McCain, and Giuliani all preformed well.  The round where the candidates were able to question each other worked out quite well (except for Paul's unsurprisingly odd question to McCain).  As a Rudy supporter, I think he seemed much more involved and impressive than he has in previous recent debates; perhaps that's just due to the fact that I paid more attention to him tonight because he's running hard in Florida, perhaps because he really was a lot sharper tonight.  McCain may have a legitimate gripe about not getting as much time as some others, particularly Romney, in the final potion of the debate.


Hancock.Tom said...

I'm not in love with any of the candidates, but I would be OK with McCain, Romney, or Huckabee. I will probably vote for the one I think most likely to give us a tax cut and cut spending (none of the above?) All have their flaws, but I would still prefer any of the three of them over Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife.

What is the appeal to Giuliani? I haven't been following the race closely at all, but when I see Rudy talking on TV, I am insulted by the number of times he mentions 9-11. Yes, we know you were president when the planes hit the tower already! There was a clip of Rudy talking about the economy, where he mentions that the GDP has fallen "between 9 and 11 percent" or something like that... I think it was "moment of zen" on the daily show. VERY funny.

Brian said...

I admit that Rudy's numerous references to 9/11 are somewhat unbecoming. He also has a number of other significant faults. However, I believe that he has the leadership qualities and policy acumen to run the executive branch well. Moreover, I believe that he's the best of a fairly bad GOP field in this cycle. McCain seems to get his kicks on irritating conservatives (often needlessly, from a policy standpoint), and I worry that he would lead a major push for further campaign finance regulation. Romney still hasn't convinced me that he's anything but a simple political chameleon. I think that Huckabee and I diverge about as much on policy as is possible for two Republicans.
(And I'm somewhat surprised that you say you'd be more OK with Huckabee than with Giuliani.)

Hancock.Tom said...

Huckabee is a little too "big government" for me but I like a lot of his positions on social issues. I worry Guiliani and maybe even Romney (who the fuck knows about him) would appoint supreme court justices I dislike. For all his faults, the justices Bush has put on SCOTUS look damn good. (harriet myers notwithstanding) I think Huckabee would mirror bush in his appointment patterns more than the other candidates