Thursday, January 10, 2008

Romney Going Protectionist In Michigan?

It seems that way from this report, posted on Wednesday in The Corner:

The first commercials for the Michigan primary started airing in force last night during the New Hampshire results shows. As expected, Mitt is apparently going to run hard on his business experience, as his commercials focus on economic issues (and seem to insinuate that we may be invaded by the Chinese at any moment). It's a smart move since Michigan is struggling with massive job losses to overseas and out-of-state factories and has a very involved Union vote. Most candidates who have stumped here in the last few months have tailored their message to address Michigan workers' fears of globalization, trade deficits, and fears about the decline of the American industrial machine. Duncan Hunter and Mitt Romney were very careful, in their last few visits and in the Michigan debate, to highlight their plans for Michigan's economic revival even to the point of incorporating some surprisingly un-Republican language on economic protectionism and trade.

Unfortunate, but certainly not surprising.

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