Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick South Carolina Debate Roundup

After six months of waiting, we finally saw a bit of the Fred Thompson some were expecting when he got into this thing.  He looked like he actually cares about the outcome of the South Carolina primary.  Will he keep it up, or fade back to the "sorta, kinda in the race" Fred we've seen up until now? Even if he does keep it up, is it too late to matter?  I wouldn't put money on Fred on either question, but his performance tonight was enough to at least keep him in the picture (for now).

As for the rest, Huckabee did better than he had in the last two debates, even though he was in Fred's crosshairs most of the night.  McCain did reasonably well, and probably didn't harm his prospects in Michigan next Tuesday.  Romney and Giuliani didn't take any major damage, but didn't do much to revive their foundering candidacies either.

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