Sunday, January 13, 2008

You've Got to Be Kidding

From Politico:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who badly needs to win Tuesday's Michgian (sic) primary, has an 8-point lead over Sen. John McCain of Arizona in a McClatchy/MSNBC poll of Michigan voters to be released Sunday.

Romney had a narrower lead in a Detroit Free Press poll and was tied in a Detroit News poll.



G-Man said...

Damnit Brian! You better get on board and support Romney over Rev. Huckabee and RINO John. I certainly support Rudy greatly more than either of those two less than stellar Conservatives.

Alex said...

Brian, G-Unit, I think both of you need to return to the conservative fold: ain't no way either Rudy or Romney has more conservative bona fides than then Huckster or the so-called RINO.

G-Man said...

John McCain:
-Gang of 14
-Amnesty for 12-20 million
-McCain/Feingold (1st amendment bye bye)
-Tuition breaks for illegals
-Open the jails and release a plethera of shitheads
-Tax Increases: "Send them on up and I'll sign them" doesn't sound like a forced tax increase

Nuff said on both these idiots!